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HSBC drops Firefox support

Today I tried to complete an online purchase using my HSBC Visa Card (issued in Hong Kong), and when the merchant redirected me to HSBC for the Verified by Visa page, instead of the password prompt I used to receive, … Continue reading

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India TV Airs News with Fake Photos

No doubt many of my readers will be aware of the horrendous debacle at India TV which resulted in them broadcasting a report with a fake photo of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) “performing” the nikah of the Taleban terrorist, Baitullah … Continue reading

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Flying from Chek Lap Kok to Kai Tak

Yesterday I piloted a Boeing 737-800NG simulator. It was my first attempt at a flight from Hong Kong’s new airport Chek Lap Kok to the now out of service old airport Kai Tak. I control the yoke (steering) and yaw. … Continue reading

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Official iPhone 2.1.1 OS retains 2G unlock

I just upgraded Zainab’s iPhone 2G (purchased from an Apple Store in the US) today from OS version 2.1 to 2.2.1. Originally this iPhone was unlocked using iJailBreak on 1.1.4 and then was jailbroken/unlocked on 2.0/2.1 using PwnageTool. The instructions … Continue reading

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Enterprise Deployment of Firefox

I am responsible for overseeing the IT infrastructure of an office with about 40 Windows-based computers. We always keep the OS and relevant software patched, though sometimes even keeping Windows/Office/IE patched to the most current level is not enough. The … Continue reading

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eJamaat and Data Retention

My religious community, numbering approximately one million worldwide has a centralised system for almost everything (both religious and non-religious). One of the non-religious centralised systems that has really irked me over the last couple of years has been the eJamaat … Continue reading

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Officially Unlocked iPhones in Hong Kong

Is Hong Kong the first market in the world to get an iPhone 3G which is both officially unlocked at the time of purchase and not tied to a carrier plan? According to the Apple HK iPhone store page, quite … Continue reading

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iPhone OS 2.1

I just upgraded to iPhone OS 2.1. Hope that this solves some of the problems I mentioned earlier. UPDATE (13/09/2008): Seems that there’s no improvement in signal quality. On my way to work today, twice the phone dropped into a … Continue reading

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iPhone 2.0.2 Update and 3G Reception

There are a lot of reports out there that Apple’s 2.0.2 OS update for the iPhone fixes reception issues with 3G. Now I don’t know whether the issues are hardware, firmware, or software related (maybe all?), but I do know … Continue reading

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iPhone 10MB Limit for App Store Downloads over 3G

I came across this limit today while trying to download an application from the iPhone App Store. Apparently, if an application is over 10MB, the iPhone will not allow you to download it over the celluar data network, requiring you … Continue reading

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