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What’s your PAN? Anybody can find out!

Glossary for non-Indian readers: PAN – Permanent Account Number The geniuses at the Income Tax Department in India have set up a website called: Know Your PAN In reality, it should be called Know Anybody’s PAN because that’s what you’re … Continue reading

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Enterprise Deployment of Firefox

I am responsible for overseeing the IT infrastructure of an office with about 40 Windows-based computers. We always keep the OS and relevant software patched, though sometimes even keeping Windows/Office/IE patched to the most current level is not enough. The … Continue reading

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Guest Internet Access via FON Routers

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Yusuf about setting up wireless internet access at my workplace for guests. In the past we had them plug into our wired network, but the downside of this is that unless … Continue reading

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