macos x firefox 1.0 on november 9th!

According to this post by Chris Hofmann, Firefox 1.0 for MacOS X will ship with the Windows and Linux releases on November 9th! He says:

Ben, Asa and I met to review a plan for synchronizing the Mac 1.0 with the Windows and Linux releases on 11/9. We looked at feedback and satisfaction data from version tracker and other sources, recent Mac specific bugs fixed and decided to move forward with a plan to ship Mac Firefox 1.0 on 11/9. The hard and anecdotal data shows the satisfaction rating of Mac Firefox to be very close to Safari, and we see many users choosing Firefox over Safari which is a clear sign that we should be calling it 1.0.

For more details on how the MacOS X specific issues are going to be handled in the short time prior to release, read the post.

11 thoughts on “macos x firefox 1.0 on november 9th!”

  1. Ok i give up…What ‘hard and anecdotal data’ is that ?

    Sorry to break it to you but no one actually cares about Firefox on the Mac one way or the other.

    Sure they might use it as a change from time to time and it’s nice to have choice but Firefox is amateurish and dated and windozy in feel for a Mac and many releases have been plague by all sorts of bugs.

    There is no angle to ‘sell’ Firefox on the Mac. There is no ‘war’ against Safari or something and most Mac users couldn’t care less about Firefox’s naive campagin against IE on Windows.

    Many ‘features’ in Firefox like ad block have been in other Mac browsers like iCab for 4 or more years.

    Firefox has a long way to go before it is up to standards expected of Mac browsers. No point stuffing it up people’s noses like you are trying to do on the Windows platform….

  2. Well I’m a Mac user who is extremely impressed with Firefox on OS X.
    The interface is intutitive in more ways than Safari (i.e… customizeable toolbar, I mean the print button alone – why isn’t that on Safari???).
    Cookie and password management is also superior.
    Where’s the “hard and ancedotal” evidence that Mac users don’t care about Firefox “johnny storm”? I’d be interested in seeing it.
    And exactly how is it being stuffed up Mac user’s noses???

  3. ==
    Sorry to break it to you but no one actually cares about Firefox on the Mac one way or the other.


    I really like Firefox on OS X and take issue with your comment that nobody cares about it.

    I use Firefox daily for my default browser. I’ve also got Omniweb 5, Camino, Safari and IE in the dock, but keep coming back to Firefox because of its rendering speed, features and extensibility, especially compared to Camino whose feature-set is too limited for what is considered a purposely built bare-bones product.


  4. jonny: the problem with firefox is mainly the windowish theme. I really don’t understand why they replaced pinstripe. That’s the main reason why I use the mozilla suite: pinstripe (which looks more mac-like than othte mozilla skins) is available.

    If you can live without some of the mozilla suite features, you are even better with Camino, which is a Gecko too.

    But the new fx theme causes eye cancer on the mac. I’m not arguing about windows and gtk but Fx on mac had a mature theme, which was dropped.

    Thunderbird is ok and way better than apple’s

  5. I would hope that you remedy Bug # 229040 before releasing the Mac 1.0 Gold Master of Firebird. With the Firebird window open, only the menu at the top, when opening bookmarks and selecting one to go to, absolutely nothing happens. I would expect a new window to open with the selected bookmark. This should be a given on any browser, especially a Gold Master version.

    Reproducible: Always

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1.Close all Firebird windows.
    2.Select a bookmark from the bookmark pull down menu at the top.

    Actual Results:
    Nothing happens.

    Expected Results:
    A new window opens with the selected bookmark.

    Dr. G

  6. I’d just like to remind everyone that this wasn’t *my* decision, and that addressing your grievances to me personally is probably not helpful, and certainly won’t lead to any action being taken.

    I’m just the messenger here. Having said that, feel free to discuss the decision as you like. Just don’t expect that when you say things like “I hope that you…” or “Sorry to break it to you…” that I personally can do anything.

  7. Yay new things!

    I spent this evening after the Kulshan meeting trying to whip MyStats into better shape. It’s been randomly tossing errors about twice a day ever since I redesigned it, and I haven’t been able to track down why. I recently decided to ditch the temp…

  8. I’m in the boat who thinks this has to be a joke… i mean it still has major flaws… and I think we all know what they are. I suppose we just need to show up more often on bug days… and get the point accross.

    Now I’m waiting for all thos mac1.0+ bugs to turn into mac1.0- bugs… sad… good thing I didn’t donate any money for the NYT ad.

  9. Samual, one of the main reasons that Firefox on Mac is stagnating is that Mac users aren’t as active contributors as Windows/Linux users, and hence we don’t have the QA resources to test things on Macintosh, or to fix bugs on Macintosh.

    In the components I QA, many of the Mac bugs are languishing because I can’t QA them, and few people are stepping up to help out.

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