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ITS Broadcast App for Android and Privacy Implications

There is a lot of buzz about the new ITS Broadcast Android app, which upon debut has received hundreds of 5-star reviews. I don’t have an Android phone so I won’t comment on the app features or lack thereof, but … Continue reading

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Apple Maps Data Sources

The Apple Maps fiasco on iOS 6 needs no introduction, but it’s of interest to note that the data sources that Apple pulls map data from differ not only based on the location being viewed, but also based on where … Continue reading

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HK High Court rules that Domesic Helpers can gain PR

Hong Kong’s High Court has ruled that foreign domestic helpers can become Permanent Residents of Hong Kong, after staying here for 7 years. This, no doubt will be appealed to the Court of Final Appeal, and possibly even the National … Continue reading

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Hong Kong should explain the aim of National Education

In today’s South China Morning Post, my letter appeared, the text of which is reproduced below: Explain aim of national education With the heated debate regarding the government’s proposed national education curriculum, too many people are jumping to knee-jerk conclusions … Continue reading

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Crack down on telemarketers

In today’s South China Morning Post, a letter of mine appeared in the Letters section (page A12), the text of which is reproduced below (with some links added, for easy reference): Crack down on telemarketers Today, with so many different … Continue reading

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Google Apps – Panacea or Headache?

The email on is currently hosted on pair Networks, a great webhost, but one whose email solutions are lacking in flexibility. I want to move to a solution where I can sync Email/Contacts/Calendar over multiple devices, for a domain … Continue reading

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What to do with an old laptop?

Пост доступен на русском языке via Восстановление на Softdroid: Как вернуть к работе старый ноутбук. After five long years using my trusted (and now extremely out of date) laptop, I’ve finally moved along to something better. Old Laptop Dell Latitude … Continue reading

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What’s your PAN? Anybody can find out!

Glossary for non-Indian readers: PAN – Permanent Account Number The geniuses at the Income Tax Department in India have set up a website called: Know Your PAN In reality, it should be called Know Anybody’s PAN because that’s what you’re … Continue reading

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UK Government says “No Evidence” IE is Less Secure

A couple days ago I had mentioned that Lord Avebury had asked the UK Government about their usage of IE. The UK Government has now answered and I am reproducing the full text of the question and answer below: Asked … Continue reading

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Lord Avebury asks UK Government to review use of IE in the Public Sector

Lord Avebury (blog, bio) has tabled a written question in the United Kingdom House of Lords yesterday, which reads as under: Lord Avebury to ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, in the light of the recent announcement by Microsoft that Internet … Continue reading

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