AP and Physics

Forgive the pun, but it seems that this AP writer never took AP Physics.

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) — A critical-care nurse aboard an air ambulance fought to keep from being sucked out of the cabin when a window blew out of the aircraft at 20,000 feet.

Even someone with the most elementary physics knowledge would know that you get pushed out, not sucked out. I guess that’s what happens when people learn physics from watching movies.

It reminds me of of the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics site, which is well worth a read. Honestly, I don’t know how anybody can sit through such drivel like The Core with a straight face. Movies like Star Wars are just as bad, but hey — at least they don’t pretend to be realistic.

say yes?

You know how in the US you see all these advertisements targeted to kids that read: “Say No to Drugs” or “Say No to Alcohol”? Well, the Chinese have a different philosophy:

Say Yes to Beer!

This sign was seen outside a bar near my university. The picture was taken on my Nokia 6600 phone.

economist jokes

Got sent a link to a page of economist jokes today. Some of them are really good. Two of my favourites:
  1. I know that economics is ruling my life when:

    a) I tried to calculate my 3 year old son’s discount rate by seeing how many sweets he would require to be promised to him after dinner to be equivalent to one sweet before dinner.

    b) I spent one hour in a toy shop making up over 20 bundles of toys that could be purchased for $25 and then asked my son to select one of these bundles.

  2. Overheard in passing: one Oxford economics don speaking to another while walking along a street: “And ninthly, …”
A lot of the jokes are accessible even to people who know nothing about economics, but the more you know about economics, the more funny they get.