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What to do with an old laptop?

Пост доступен на русском языке via Восстановление на Softdroid: Как вернуть к работе старый ноутбук. After five long years using my trusted (and now extremely out of date) laptop, I’ve finally moved along to something better. Old Laptop Dell Latitude … Continue reading

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What’s your PAN? Anybody can find out!

Glossary for non-Indian readers: PAN – Permanent Account Number The geniuses at the Income Tax Department in India have set up a website called: Know Your PAN In reality, it should be called Know Anybody’s PAN because that’s what you’re … Continue reading

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eJamaat and Data Retention

My religious community, numbering approximately one million worldwide has a centralised system for almost everything (both religious and non-religious). One of the non-religious centralised systems that has really irked me over the last couple of years has been the eJamaat … Continue reading

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Mozilla Digital Memory Bank

The folks over at the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank kindly took the time to interview me last November. I just noticed that the interview transcript has been posted online last month.

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Guest Internet Access via FON Routers

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Yusuf about setting up wireless internet access at my workplace for guests. In the past we had them plug into our wired network, but the downside of this is that unless … Continue reading

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Is Apple Wireless Friendly?

With the great success of the iPhone and iPod Touch, you’d think Apple would be sitting pretty as the king of wireless networking. Plus, Apple has a reputation for making relatively complicated tasks more user friendly by having more streamlined … Continue reading

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India enters the Dual-Core Market

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hong kong to get 100Mbps net connection to homes

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AIM on nokia 6600

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vonage tech support madness

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