ariel sharon lies. so what else is new?

Well, this pretty much confirms what we knew all along: that promises from Ariel Sharon are worthless. Accoring to this BBC article, Sharon previously made a commitment not to harm Arafat. However, he now says that “I am released from this commitment. I release myself from this commitment regarding Arafat.” And this is the guy who promises to gain peace for Israel? Give me a break. And Bush, thanks a lot for giving this fanatical lunatic a free hand to wreak whatever havoc he sees fit. I guess it’s only fitting, since you’re not all that different either. It’s pretty clear that the United States stands alone in supporting Israel’s extrajudicial killings.

Personally, I find it ironic that Sharon, a Jew, should have so much in common with Hitler. Both of them seem to have an affinity for walling off populations who cannot defend themselves, and for taking unilateral action that flies in the face of common sense and international law (and at the same time doing this as if it was something to be proud of). If the two ever met, I’m sure they’d have a lot to discuss about strategies of oppression.

I should probably note that I don’t have any problems with Jews per se, just with the current Israeli leadership. Yitzhak Rabin got it right, and after his assassination things really started falling apart because of people like Netanyahu and Sharon.