daily bugzilla triaging

I just spent some time doing some bug triaging on Mozilla.org’s Bugzilla. There were a lot of polish bugs that were set to blocking0.9? (that is, “can this bug block Firefox 0.9?”) that shouldn’t have been set as such, because Firefox 0.9 is a feature driven release, and Firefox 1.0beta is where most of the polishing should occur. So I declined most of those requests. Hopefully that should clear up the queue a bit so that the real devs have an easier time with it. Mike Connor (mconnor) is also responsible for a lot of the same triaging that occured tonight.

I also realised that I had cc’ed myself on 151 bugs, most of which I wasn’t interested in receiving mail about anymore. So I un-cc’ed myself from 80 of those, so now I’m down to 71.

Lately there haven’t been any official nightly Linux GTK2+Xft builds of Firefox builds, so I’ve been making some of my own and posting them for other people to download. Generally speaking, you can always find my builds here, but if you want more info on them you should head over to the Firefox Builds Forum where I always post when I upload a new build. Usually I only build when the official machines are down for some reason.