iraqis have a new flag. lets all cheer! oh wait…

So, I hear the Iraqis got a new flag. Does it really surprise anyone that they don’t like it? I mean, there are so many reasons not to like it, and very few to favour it. Let’s go over them, shall we?

Reasons to dislike it:
a) The Iraqi people had no say in what it looked like (erm, what happened to promoting democracy?).
b) It has obvious political overtones, with the Kurds getting their own stripe. Flags should not generally be used as political instruments.
c) The Bush administration approved it (lets admit it, this is a good enough reason at face value).
d) THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE OLD FLAG. It didn’t have any connection to Saddam, and was there long before he was.
e) People say it looks kind of like the Israeli flag, which lets face it, it does. Big surprise that no one is happy about this.
f) What the hell does a blue crescent signify?
g) The flag looks like a company logo, not a representation of a country’s identity.

Reasons to like it:
a) ??????????????? Help me out here……. I can’t think of anything.