donald rumsfeld must be embarassed, if not, he damn well should be

So the United States is going to pull out of Falluja, and leave its protection to the ‘Falluja Protection Army’, comprised of Iraqis. What this effectively means is that the United States thinks it has no prospects of successfully controlling the city, so instead, they’re just going to cut and run and let the locals deal with the mayhem they created instead.

I guess the Bush administration is at least smarter than the Vietnam-era administrations, in that they know when they’ve lost and when to pack up and run away. Having said that, I still think its amusing that the most powerful nation in the world is having such huge problems maintaining security in Iraq. Cakewalk indeed. God forbid, should Bush be re-elected (please no!), at least he’ll think twice before trying to flex America’s muscle elsewhere in the Middle East. Bush and the brain behind him (Rumsfeld) certainly get failing grades for their performance in Iraq. Pretty sub-par, guys. Don’t you think?