an update on the iraqi liberation

I just though I’d prepare a short checklist of things that the US-led ‘liberators’ were supposed to have provided in Iraq:

1) Security…….not quite.
2) Water……not really.
3) Stable electricity……maybe later.
4) Freedom of speech…..I guess not.
5) Democracy… must be kidding.
6) Rule of law…..laws? what laws?

So what have the Iraqis gotten from their liberators?

1) A new flag.
2) They now know how to make naked human pyramids.
3) Training in the art of being a wired up scarecrow.
4) Lessons in various kinds of humiliation.

So if they’re not getting their basic needs, at least they’re getting a taste of some of these other fine arts that the American and British troops seem so well versed in. So yeah, thanks America. The Iraqis love you. Or not.

Writing about this blog brought back memories of My Lai, another example of American soliders at their finest.