new time sink

Well, I just signed up for TheFaceBook, which has turned out to be a real big time sink, because its really cool. It’s basically like Orkut, but just a lot more useful, and has far far more people who I know on it.

They have a “visualize friends network” thingy, which is supposed to pop up an SVG render of a person’s network, but they send it as svgz (gzip-encoded SVG) without including a “Content-Encoding: gzip” HTTP header, so Mozilla/Firefox barfs on the svgz (because of the server misconfiguration). I shot them off an email about it, including telling them how to fix it. One of my friends who I bcc’ed on the email also sent them a line about it as well. I just hope that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears and they fix it, because its a really cool feature, except that it doesn’t work right now except on IE with the Adobe SVG plugin. If they fix the “Content-Encoding: gzip” HTTP header issue for svgz files then everything will be good.