ann coulter

Anyone with half a brain should have alarm bells ringing in their head when they hear the name of Ann Coulter. I just had the (dis)pleasure of reading one of her more recent columns, which was rather more offensive than usual, even by her already abominable standards.

Seriously, this woman is worse than stupid. It’s one thing being an ignorant person who isn’t in the know. It’s another thing making up the bull that she does knowing full well that it’s baseless. It’s because of people like her than predjudice exists, and that misconceptions about races and religions get spread.

I’m not usually one to wish harm upon other people, though I will make an exception for her. It’s rather a shame that she wasn’t on one of those four planes that were hijacked on 9/11. The world would be a better place without her vapid drivel.

Would America tolerate a Muslim writing about Jews & Christians the way Ann Coulter writes about Muslims and the Arab world in general? If you’re thinking ‘yes’, then you really need to get a better grasp of reality.