the plot thickens

Well it appears that more evidence has been found that Iraqis were tortured and raped by American soldiers. Ordinarily I would try and find some news links, and describe how the American administration has so grossly mishandled the situation there. However in this case, partly because I’m feeling tired, and partly because I think there is no point, I’m not going to. I mean really, the facts pretty much speak for themselves.

All of the news outlets seem to be trampling all over Bush and Rumsfeld, and are giving them both a really hard time about it. This makes me happy. I hope that this news haunts them come November.

I know I said no links this time … but I can’t help myself from posting just one. Everyone should watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His shows are priceless, and really bring out the ridiculousness that is George W. Bush & Co. In my opinion, he is the best political commentator out there today. Not just because he’s funny, but also because he speaks (for the most part) the truth.