american hand-holding

Why are Americans so sensitive? I mean seriously, it’s like sometimes a huge chunk of the nation has the collective maturity of a three year old. You just push the wrong button and everybody starts crying. People here really need thicker skin. You guys have it good compared to mostly everyone else, and yet you don’t miss any oppotunities to make yourselves out to be the biggest victims in the world.

The level of self-censorship in the American media is astoundingly high. People were worried that it would happen in Hong Kong after the handover to China (it didn’t), but over here, the media are the government’s lap dogs. Do news outlets have copies of the additional abuse photos that have not been released to tbe public? It’s inconceiveable that they don’t. But they’re not showing them, because Rumsfeld wouldn’t want that. The American public doesn’t want to see that. Objective reporting just isn’t a concept that ever caught on here.

I’m going to write a bit more on Rumsfeld later today.