graduation & related things

It’s official. I’m now a graduate of the University of Chicago. Today was convocation, so I was conferred my degree along with the other 1100 or so seniors who graduated with me.

I’ve had a very hectic week, and have been moving to my new apartment. I vacated my dorm room today, and have moved all my stuff over to the new place, but haven’t yet settled in. My parents are in Chicago right now for my convocation, and are here until the 17th, so I’m going to be staying with them until they leave, at which point I will begin living it up in my new apartment.

My blog is likely to be pretty quiet over the next few days, as until I’m settled into my new apartment fully I’m just going to be too busy to really sit down and blog. Usually I spend a fair amount of time on Bugzilla every day as well, but even that hasn’t been happening lately. Hopefully once my life has settled down again, I’ll be able to pick up where I left off.

In any case, the days of aebrahim logging in from or are over.