i have some extra gmail invites for you

See, I told you that I’d let you guys know when I had extra Gmail invites. However, because I’m feeling somewhat miserly, I’m not going to let you guys get them without doing at least a little bit of work.

So, in order to get a Gmail invite from me, you’ll have to write a short story (of at least 300 words) incorporating Firefox, a ring, a banana, an expired flight ticket, and Ralph Nader.

I have at least 3 invites to give out for those who write these short stories. Depending on the quality of entries, I may decide to give out more than 3 invites (since I have a little bit of a stockpile). Winners are determined at my discretion.

In order to submit your story, post a comment with the short story in it. If you post anonymously, you must include your email address (to which your invite will be sent if you win). If your Blogger profile does not include contact information, you also must include your email address in the comment.

Entries will close at 23:59 CDT on Sunday June 20th.