movable type or wordpress?

I now have a real web hosting account with, and am looking to move my blog there at some point in the very near future. However, I still haven’t decided whether to use Movable Type or WordPress.

I’m looking for some input on this decision, and would really appreciate it if people could comment about their experiences with either one or the other, and try and guide me here as to their relative merits.

I should note that I am not interested in hearing arguments about licensing issues. I’m already aware of them, and have decided that they don’t matter to me. I am however very interested in hearing your comments about technical merits, or feature comparisons. Right now I’m leaning towards MovableType 3.0, but that could change.

I should also note that I’m somewhat tempted to stick with Blogger, but the lack of RDF feeds and post categories is somewhat of a damper on that sentiment.