coalition of the willing set to revolutionise plugins

No, I’m not talking about W. & Co, I’m talking a different coalition, comprised of the following companies and organisations:

a) Adobe
b) Apple
c) Macromedia
d) The Mozilla Foundation
e) Opera
f) Sun Microsystems

These six entities have embarked on a project to create more open, scriptable plugins. This is a huge win for end users everywhere, who will finally get open, supported plugins compatible with their favourite browser, whatever that happens to be.

Conspicuously missing from this coalition of the willing are Microsoft and Real (think “axis of evil” 😉 ), which should come as no surprise to anyone. They’re not about to embark upon the path of creating open software, released under so-called ‘viral’ licenses.

One thought on “coalition of the willing set to revolutionise plugins”

  1. But Real has a sort of open source thingie?
    Helix player or something?
    (they still have the most annoying player of them all, that doesn’t change 🙂 )

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