blogger working to support firefox

Blogger has revamped their post editor, which now has a WYSIWYG mode as well as a raw HTML editing mode. Of note is that they’re testing their product on Mozilla and Firefox. It’s great to see large service providers starting to test their products on Gecko based browsers. Even as little as a year ago, Gecko based browsers weren’t even on most web developers’ radars. We’ve come a long way in the last year, and things are only going to get better! That Google is explicitly supporting Firefox on all their products (including Gmail as well) just shows that we have a product that developers can no longer ignore.

As Firefox gets more and more press attention, we’ll gain more users and mindshare, and it’ll be even more difficult for web developers to ignore us. I encourage you all to support the latest marketing initiative, which calls for users to talk back to the press. It’s important not only that we get press, but that the press we get is accurate and objective. I think it’s an excellent idea to develop a team of people who watch the press, and support writers who give us good press, and work with authors who write sensationalist or inaccurate stories about us and educate them so they can objectively write about us in the future.

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