twelve more gmail invites

I have 12 more Gmail invites to give out. The first 12 people to comment with their full name (first and last) and unobfuscated email address will get invites. If I have to do more than copy/paste, then you won’t get an invite.

For those who are worried that spambots may pick up their email address, if you leave your email address in the email field then only I will be able to see it. It won’t be publically displayed on the site unless you write it in the comment field itself. For those of you using free webmail accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo, remember that the invitation email may be classified as Junk or Bulk Mail, so remember to check those folders too!

Bonus karma to those who also give the URL of their blog with a Firefox or Thunderbird button on it. Ideally I’d like to limit this to people who don’t have a Gmail account yet. Since I can’t do that, I’m going to ask nicely that only people who don’t have Gmail yet sign up.

UPDATE: That’s a wrap. Invites have been sent only to the first 12 commenters. I don’t have any more right now, but keep checking back, I’ll post if I get more.

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46 Responses to twelve more gmail invites

  1. ohka says:

    wanting to get on the band wagon

    ohka liu , thanking you

  2. Mark Gilbert says:

    An invite-only google thing… it’s like orkut, only useful!

  3. sasha says:

    Sasha Zaidelson.


  4. Toomas says:

    Can I have one please, too!


  5. Toomas Toots says:

    Full name…

  6. Iavor Koev says:

    Today was the first day at my new job. I hurried to the site to download the to overcome the no-install restrictions on my XP computer, and oh! the nice new design wasn’t showing on IE! Hadn’t used IE for a long time now.
    Gmail seems to be accessible from the corporate network, so please send me an invite!

  7. chan yong wei says:

    thanks a lot; would like to see what the hype has been all about

    chan yong wei

  8. Pawel Goscicki says:

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  9. Matthias Bitterlich says:

    Matthias Bitterlich

  10. Nikolay Elenkov says:

    Please, please, thank you, thank you!

  11. Gareth Fairey says:

    It sounds too easy… 🙂

  12. Daniel Doorduin says:


  13. Retief de Villiers says:

    Please invite me as well!



  14. Dean Zia Dar says:

    Please, please…could I have a Gmail invite?


  15. Iavor Koev says:

    Well, that’s great! Thanks a lot for the invite!

  16. Tim Voogt says:


  17. Ivan Malat says:

    I know I’m post number 16 but could I pretty please still have a gmail invite ? Thanks

  18. Maksim Kim says:

    I’d like to have one

  19. Joe Gilman says:

    Just in case, I’d like a gmail invite.

  20. I’d also like to have one, please. Thank you in advance.

  21. Tommaso Ramponi says:

    I’d like to have one Gmail account. Please

  22. Mike Pearson says:

    That would be very very nice and appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  23. Luke Shingles says:

    I have 5 invites, email me at

  24. Lumpy says:

    I offer 1 gmail invites on Send comment with full name and e-mail adress.

  25. Rok says:

    Rok Zlender

    If you have any left I would appreciate it.

  26. John Stalzer says:

    yes please.

  27. John Stalzer says:

    Why do some people have dozens of gmail invitations while I can’t seem to get a response from google. Do the folks who have many of them write code for mozilla? work at google? have some kind of connections into google?

    Wondering out loud … … …

    I always wonder about process and protocols.

    In service,


  28. tel says:

    dang – too late again… where’d I leave that postage stamp – I’m going back to snail mail…

  29. rida deis says:


    i need one please

    thank u very much guys

  30. Luke Shingles says:

    Rida, your comment email address isn’t public. Email me at I’ve got 1 left.

  31. Taithson Martins says:

    can I have one gmail too?

  32. Luke Randall says:


    Seems like I might have missed out, but heres hoping. Btw, the new mozilla site is awesome. Just thought I should mention that… =)

  33. Frazier Sneed says:

    If I could get a gmail invite that’d be pretty awesome…

  34. Crack says:

    i have over 400 Gmail Invites. dont ask me how i did it. if u want a Gmail invite feel free to email me with First and Last name.

    I’ll only spare 80 Gmail Invites.

  35. Bernie says:


  36. emilianojn says:

    please send me one…………..

  37. Tommaso Ramponi says:

    Crack, i don’t find your email adress. Can you give me one gmail account? Please please….

    Tommaso Ramponi,

  38. Andrés says:

    hey crack if you still have gmail accounts, please send me at
    Andrés Robles

  39. ze says:

    Please I use an excrement of account of the hotmail of 2 megas, it sends me an invitation for the gmail.

  40. Luke Shingles says:

    Luke Randall: Sorry I’m out of invites now.

  41. Luke Shingles says:

    Luke Randall: Sorry I’m out of invites now.

  42. Gangadhar Ambati says:

    Pl send a gmail invitation

  43. Gangadhar Ambati says:

    Plz send me a gmail invitation..My mail id:

  44. Gangadhar Ambati says:

    My name is Gangadhar Ambati
    Plz send me a gmail invitation
    My mail id:

  45. haitham says:

    hey send me one at
    you know you want to, so what are you waiting for 😛 … lame

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