twelve more gmail invites

I have 12 more Gmail invites to give out. The first 12 people to comment with their full name (first and last) and unobfuscated email address will get invites. If I have to do more than copy/paste, then you won’t get an invite.

For those who are worried that spambots may pick up their email address, if you leave your email address in the email field then only I will be able to see it. It won’t be publically displayed on the site unless you write it in the comment field itself. For those of you using free webmail accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo, remember that the invitation email may be classified as Junk or Bulk Mail, so remember to check those folders too!

Bonus karma to those who also give the URL of their blog with a Firefox or Thunderbird button on it. Ideally I’d like to limit this to people who don’t have a Gmail account yet. Since I can’t do that, I’m going to ask nicely that only people who don’t have Gmail yet sign up.

UPDATE: That’s a wrap. Invites have been sent only to the first 12 commenters. I don’t have any more right now, but keep checking back, I’ll post if I get more.

46 thoughts on “twelve more gmail invites”

  1. Today was the first day at my new job. I hurried to the site to download the to overcome the no-install restrictions on my XP computer, and oh! the nice new design wasn’t showing on IE! Hadn’t used IE for a long time now.
    Gmail seems to be accessible from the corporate network, so please send me an invite!

  2. Why do some people have dozens of gmail invitations while I can’t seem to get a response from google. Do the folks who have many of them write code for mozilla? work at google? have some kind of connections into google?

    Wondering out loud … … …

    I always wonder about process and protocols.

    In service,


  3. i have over 400 Gmail Invites. dont ask me how i did it. if u want a Gmail invite feel free to email me with First and Last name.

    I’ll only spare 80 Gmail Invites.

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