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Microsoft hosted another Internet Explorer Team Chat yesterday. I’ve put up logs of the chat in plaintext and RTF format. Not a whole that we didn’t already know was said. All in all, it was pretty disappointing compared to the last one I participated in, during which there was at least some useful discussion. Oh, and for those who are wondering, the person nicknamed “ali” in the chat who was asking questions was not me. I don’t know who it was.

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  1. Quite interesting. Especially their repeated pleas of “We’re working hard on making IE better, everyday.” Perhaps not hard enough? 🙂

  2. “Q: Will we be getting better web standards for IE before Longhorn?
    A: Hi Limit, We are certainly hoping to provide some improvements to CSS in the next release.”

    Wait a minute… IE-Longhorn apparently *will* have passable (or at least better) standards support. About bloody time.

  3. Me again…

    “Q: Is there anyway you can ‘secure’ IE users now before they runoff to firefox? Like maybe what can we hope in the next version of IE
    A: Yes. Upgrade to Windows XP SP2. This is the most secure way to access the internet.”

    No, seriously. Are they that stupid or just lying?

    “Q: your a big company so can’t you just make IE better than Firefox so people will just use IE again?”

    You’d think so, wouldn’t ya? 😀

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  5. Microsoft is bluffing, or stalling, or something. Every time they get asked about alpha transparency support, they whine about how much work it will be. Maybe they have forgotten about their proprietary filter:alpha?

    They also get asked about CSS2 support, which is the wrong question; instead we should ask “when will IE get better HTML4, DOM0, CSS1, and DOM1 support?”

    MS also invariably throws out some token comment about how they listen to the needs of users. Which users? The IE team’s family members who think Internet is spelled with a blue “e”, or the developers who have continually beg MS to implement better standards support for years?

    Standards lead to a better user experience, and MS can deny it all they want until they buy every employee of theirs a 16 foot wide, bumperless, right hand drive, steered-by-foot-pedals automobile to drive to the Redmond campus every morning. Until then, they are all hypocrites concerning standards.

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