firefox guidebook table of contents

A lot of people have been wondering what the Firefox Guidebook contains. Blake Ross, the author, has posted a Table of Contents on his site. So if you want to know what you’re getting, now at least you have a little bit of information. Still, a sample chapter would be great too. I’m probably going to pick one of these up for posterity sake along with a Firefox 1.0 / Thunderbird 1.0 CD when their final versions are released.

3 thoughts on “firefox guidebook table of contents”

  1. Er, there’s a paragraph on me. The six pages are the index. I thought that might be unclear…I should update the TOC to indicate that 🙂

  2. I’m wondering which mouse gestures extension Blake mentions in Chapter 3, “Mouse Gestures: Going back and forth in the 21st century”, given that there are several: Optimoz Mouse Gestures, All-in-One, and, if you count pie menus as gestures, easyGestures and RadialContext…

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