connection woes

Chatzilla showing 61.91 seconds lag

I kid you not. Sometimes internet connections in China really suck.

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3 Responses to connection woes

  1. Only 1 minute? I’ve seen much worse :). It is always the network’s fault, changing to a different server on the same network fixes the trouble. In this case… If you’d ask me I’d say it was a network issue as well, but if you say so… ^_^

    Did your browsing also have a 60 second delay? Could you reach the IRC computer’s network through another means, for example a www server close to it?


  2. Ali Ebrahim says:

    You’re not familiar with the moznet network, are you? There is only one server. 🙂 In any case, I wish that I could say that “no, it’s just IRC”, but that would be a lie. At times of heavy usage, I can’t get anything done because of lag, and that’s when I go and watch TV or something.

  3. Ryon says:

    Try your hand at Lagland.


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