firefox 1.0 on track, relnote nominations wanted

According to Ben Goodger, Firefox’s lead developer, Firefox 1.0 is on track for a November 9 launch. At this point, only serious crash and dataloss issues will be considered blockers for 1.0, so please don’t nominate bugs as blocking-aviary1.0 unless they fall into one of these categories. Please do nominate new regressions that fall into these categories.

The Firefox 1.0 release notes are also being prepared, and Ben is asking for nominations of bugs that you think should be included in the release notes.

3 thoughts on “firefox 1.0 on track, relnote nominations wanted”

  1. I have lost my side bar “dragger” in the browser which allows me to move up and down a page by pulling it dow and pushing it up with my mouse.

    Also, I am not able to see the right side of my web pages. again this is where the “dragger” is and also parts of the web page itself.
    Are these going to be addressed in the new release?

    Many thanks. This a great browser.


  2. Please, no bug reports here. If you file bug reports here, no action will be taken on them.

    To file bugs, please visit Bugzilla at

    Sorry about this, but I simply don’t have time to respond to individual bug reports filed here (or file to them myself in the correct place).

  3. And just think… all those annoying mac bugs will ship with it… not matter how much i tell people that m.o will ship a quality firefox 1.0 product for osx they kept laughing at me… now i’m the fool. just data loss and crashes… 🙁 half those mac1.0 blocker bugs if they where window bugs would be considered show stoppers… yet shove the whole mess out the door… tsk tsk… and yes i know your not the one to rant to but… i needed to rant once i read that.

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