firefox 1.0 is here!

Firefox 1.0 has been released! What are you waiting for? Go forth and download…

Firefox Logo

For more information about this milestone release, read the Mozilla Foundation’s press release, or check out MozillaNews, the best place to read about and discuss Mozilla related happenings (along with Planet Mozilla)! See also posts by Ben Goodger, the lead developer of Firefox, Mitchell Baker, the Chief Lizard Wrangler at the Foundation, and Blake Ross, one of the developers who started the Firefox project. The BBC is also reporting on the release, and has written an article that is not only comprehensive, but (mostly) factually correct. Reuters has a story on it too, though it doesn’t really contain any meat (but is nevertheless sure to be carried by news outlets worldwide). CNN has also reported on the release, their article is a slightly souped up version of the aforementioned Reuters piece. Al Jazeera is also covering the release with a reasonable article of their own.

Also deserving very special mention is the new Google-based start page that Firefox 1.0 ships with. Very very cool, though if you’re located outside the US and/or don’t have your Google cookie set to show in English, it might display oddly, or in the language if your country. You can also see what it looks like below:

Firefox 1.0 Google Start Page

7 thoughts on “firefox 1.0 is here!”

  1. I’d just like to say a big thank-you to all of the folks at (and external contributers) for all the hard work you’ve put into making Firefox the best browser out there, bar none.

  2. I’m from Sweden and the Google Firefox page doesn’t display oddly at all. It’s in swedish though (impressive they localized all start page versions!) and looks great. Exactly as yours, but in swedish.

  3. asdf, this bug is talking about a bug that reconized in the “Mozilla Suite” product, and not in “Mozilla Firefox”. these are different products.

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