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I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions for good email footers that are 2-3 lines long that can be used for plugging Firefox. One that I came up with is:

Tired of popups, spyware and viruses?
Download Firefox 1.0 today:

Can others think of something better? My rationale for not advertising new features is that people are more likely to be annoyed by current problems than enticed by new features that are merely buzzwords to them.

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  1. fpd says:

    Mr. Ebrahim,

    Concerning FireFox signature requests:

    – Stops spyware, dead!
    – Undoes the unscrupulous.
    – The superhero of surfing.
    – A lifeguard for family surfing.
    – All the web fun, with none of the fat.
    – because the world is not always friendly.

    Keep up the good work.

    best regards,

  2. localhost says:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP3
    Download today:

  3. Are you surfing the web? Or suffering it?

  4. adam gordon says:

    Something about not having to download security patches every day because of some new vulnerability in Windows that was exposed and has to be applied because the OS is inexplicably tied to the stupid browser.

    On that note, what a stupid software design, to tie your browser to the OS…however, it’s great for marketing…discuss.


  5. How about something along the lines of:

    The web is changing. Firefox is the browser that will handle it correctly.

  6. Phill Bryant says:

    I use:

    Sick of constant popup advertisments, spyware and viruses?
    Get a secure browser and email- Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. (free!)

    I like to plug my email client too 🙂

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