hong kong to get 100Mbps net connection to homes

According to the South China Morning Post, HKBN, a broadband provider in Hong Kong is rolling out a 100Mbps consumer broadband service (paid registration required). Some excerpts from the article are as follows:

“Hong Kong Broadband Network on Tuesday unveiled a new 100Mbps broadband service it claims is the fastest for residential users in Hong Kong. The company also demonstrated a premium one gigabit per second service that will be available by the second quarter of next year.”

“However, users paying the $268 per month will benefit from the 100Mbps bandwidth only when browsing local-based content – for international content the bandwidth is limited to 20Mbps. Users wanting the full 100Mbps bandwidth for international access will have to pay $1,980 per month.”

“With HKBN’s new super-fast services upload and download speeds are the same.”

All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars. HK$7.8 = US$1.0.

This is really great news for all of us in Hong Kong. Being able to browse overseas sites at “only” 20Mbps is fine with me, especially if its coming with a price tag of only US$34/month. Also of note is that bandwith is symmetric, which is amazing.

This is what happens when you have a market that has over 10 broadband providers who fiercely compete for your business. They even plan to roll out GigE service to home users who are willing to pay for it.

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