firefox is the anti-opera

So says Scot Finnie, at least. He’s written an excellent review of Firefox that’s not only fair, but very detailed as well. In fact, out of all the reviews I’ve read of Firefox so far, this is probably the best one (not just because its positive, but also because of its comprehensiveness).

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  1. Just as an FYI, Asa posted a link to an early version of this story (see the note at the end of the article) a week or so ago. Someone (with more time than me — 😉 ) should do a diff between the two versions and see what the changes are.

  2. Ali and Jeff:

    First, thanks for noticing the review. I’d like to address Jeff’s point, as the fact that there are different versions of the review is a little confusing.

    I have a day job and a moonlighting job. The day job is as Editor of TechWeb, where I run the Pipeline sites. The moonlighting job is writing Scot’s Newsletter. I gave an advance version (something like a 0.9 release) of my Scot’s Newsletter review to the Pipelines and InformationWeek. There were some updates made to the InformationWeek and Pipeline versions (mostly to do with emerging Extensions). However, those stories are now static.

    The Scot’s Newsletter version, sent to the 50K newsletter subscribers on 11/29, was the 1.0 release. It is longer, containing some additional points, and is more up to date.

    Since then, I’ve discovered several new bits of information about Firefox, some of which were sent me by Scot’s Newsletter subscribers as well as Firefox proponents in reaction to Asa’s note.

    The website version of the Scot’s Newsletter review is currently a living document. It’s more important to me to be 100% accurate and fair than anything else. Also: I would hope that if and supporters are reading any version of my review, they are reading the Scot’s Newsletter website version:

    There will be a follow up in the next issue of the newsletter (end of December) on Firefox 1.0. I am also intensely interested in the upcoming 1.1, 1.5, and 2.0 releases of the product.

    — Scot

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