blog housekeeping

I’ve been doing some housekeeping on my blog over the last few days, and have made a few changes and additions:

  1. In addition to the faux blog post about Firefox that IE users see, I’ve added browser sniffing code to my Firefox sidebar box, which serves different content according to what browser you use to view it. Currently, it’s capable of differentiating between (and serves different content to) the following:
    • Firefox
    • Gecko-based, non Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Opera / Safari / Konqueror
    • Others

    There’s no real reason for this, other than one of the PHP tutorials for beginners happened to cover user agent sniffing at an early stage, so I thought I’d tinker with it.

  2. I’ve added TypeKey support to comments. Later on I might enable comment moderation for non-Typekey enabled commenters.
  3. I’ve added a class to my blog called aebrahim-mozillaAdvertising. Any form of static Firefox or Thunderbird advertising is enclosed within this class. Feel free to do whatever you want with it using userContent.css (or whatever alternate method your browser supports).
  4. I’ve made my blog’s HTTP headers a little more sensible. I’ve added Last-Modified headers to all pages, and added charset=utf-8 to the Content-Type header. I’ve also added Vary: User-Agent to the blog homepage.

UPDATE: I’ve removed most of the advertising because I think it’s annoying.