new york times firefox ad goes live

The NYT Firefox ad has gone live. I’m not going to cover it in great detail, since that’s been done already by plenty of others. Instead, I offer you a sample from my Inbox:


My name is in the New York Times ad as one of the Mozilla Firefox donators. Ali’s name is listed also.
Here’s the sample ad URL:

Thanks Ali for spreading the word. I’m going to buy the poster for this thing!

When the NYT ad was still accepting signups, I posted a note about it to an email list consisting of quite a few of my friends from high school, and the above email was seen today on the same list.

As it turns out, Firefox is back in the NYT again and getting more attention, this time in an article by Randall Stross. Some choice quotes from there are reproduced below:

Mr. Schare has said that Mozilla’s Firefox must prove it can smoothly move from version 1.0 to 2.0, and has thus far enjoyed “a bit of a free ride.” If I were the spokesman for the software company that included the company’s browser free on every Windows PC, I’d be more careful about using the phrase “free ride.”


Mr. Schare of Microsoft does have one suggestion for those who cannot use the latest patches in Service Pack 2: buy a new personal computer. By the same reasoning, the security problems created by a car’s broken door lock could be solved by buying an entirely new automobile. The analogy comes straight from Mr. Schare. “It’s like buying a car,” he said. “If you want to get the latest safety features, you have to buy the latest model.”

In this case, the very latest model is not an ’01 Internet Explorer, but an ’04 Firefox.

Looks like Mr. Schare has a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth. 🙂