Back to Real Life

It’s been around 50 days since I’ve posted anything to my blog. Certainly my longest hiatus yet. I’m very much out of touch with most things that have happened on the web since 7th January, and certainly am out of touch with happenings in the Mozilla world.

What have I been up to? I did some travelling over my Chinese New Year break, and then as soon as I got back and was ready to pick up again, my laptop’s hard drive died, so I lost another few days before Dell replaced it.

Where have I been? I finished my final exams in Beijing on 7th January in the morning, and then the trek began:

07th January:  Beijing, China to Hong Kong (by air)
08th January:  Hong Kong to Singapore (by air)
17th January:  Singapore to Mumbai, India (by air)
22nd January:  Mumbai, India to Kolkata, India (by air)
30th January:  Kolkata, India to Mumbai, India (by air)
01st February: Mumbai, India to Singapore (by air)
03rd February: Singapore to Hong Kong (by air)
12th February: Hong Kong to Mumbai, India (by air)
13th February: Mumbai, India to Surat, India (by train)
19th February: Surat, India to Mumbai, India (by train)
20th February: Mumbai, India to Hong Kong (by air)
21st February: Hong Kong to Beijing, China (by air)

I just got back online from my laptop last night, because on the 20th, my hard drive failed, so I had to bring my broken laptop to China and get it fixed here. Dell was actually very good about it, they replaced my old 60GB/2MB cache drive with a new 80GB/8MB cache drive. They also replaced my motherboard because I told them my fan was making wheezing noises. Apparently the easiest way to remedy this was to replace the mobo, since the fan is attached to it. In any case, I’m not complaining.

I hope to get back in touch with Firefox happenings, so I can start triaging bugs again as soon as possible.