CNN Censored in Beijing reporting on Taiwan

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve heard others mention it happening before, but it was the first time I saw it for myself. Tonight CNN was covering the annual session of the National Peoples’ Congress, and was describing the efforts of the NPC to pass a law forbidding the secession of Taiwan, its renegade province. The story started out uncensored with video footage of the NPC. The CNN anchor talked about the topics discussed during the conference, and talked about China’s efforts to pass the anti-secession legislation. The anchor then went on to say that “critics are dubbing it a war preparation bill…” at which point the audio and video cut out for a few seconds and resumed when CNN had moved on to talking about measures aimed at Chinese farmers.

One thought on “CNN Censored in Beijing reporting on Taiwan”

  1. Yes, I saw this, too.

    I’ve been in China for three months. This was not the first article I’ve seen “blacked out” by the Chinese government while I’ve been here. There have been several regarding Taiwan, and also a freaky religious group, called the Falun Gong or Falun Dafa.

    When I get back to the United States, I’m sending a very nasty letter to CNN. Frankly, I think that CNN should discontinue service to China, completely, unless China allows CNN to be broadcast in its entirety.

    Wanna have some fun? Regarding that “falun gong” stuff, try searching “falun gong” or “falun dafa” using After one or two tries, you’ll get cut off completely from for several minutes, if you are using a Chinese internet connection.

    For right now, I’ll just call myself “centerstand,” ’till I’m outta China!


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