gives Firefox users a discount?

I was buying RAM today for a friend, and I noticed something quirky going on at When I was at his house, I noticed that the stick of RAM he needed was $67.97. When I got home I went to order it, the price had ‘dropped’ to $65.93. I figured this was just due to volatile RAM prices. I placed the order at $65.93 and didn’t think much of it.

Later on, out of curiousity I checked the prices again, and I happened to use IE for this. Price was back to up $67.97. I thought this a little odd, so I checked again in Firefox, and the price there was still showing $65.93. I checked in Opera, and prices were $67.97.

The part in question, CT522745 is a 512MB upgrade for a Dell Dimension 4500. Screenshots from Firefox and IE are below:

Screenshot of showing RAM prices in Firefox

Screenshot of showing RAM prices in Internet Explorer

Are Firefox users getting a hidden discount?

UPDATE: It looks like Firefox users are not being singled out for a discount, but rather that I had a cookie set in Firefox by them (it’s been years since I ordered anything from them) and when I cleared this cookie, pricing went back to ‘normal’. False alarm, but if only I had saved the cookie… 🙂

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