iPhone 10MB Limit for App Store Downloads over 3G

I came across this limit today while trying to download an application from the iPhone App Store. Apparently, if an application is over 10MB, the iPhone will not allow you to download it over the celluar data network, requiring you to either download over wifi, or via iTunes on your computer.

This seems like a pretty brain-dead limit, since 10MB is not a lot of data and they’re hyping up 3G so much as being as fast as broadband. Well, what’s the use if you’re artificially disallowed from downloadling more than 10MB?

Chalk one up for the bean counters at AT&T who no doubt convinced Apple to include this “feature”.

One thought on “iPhone 10MB Limit for App Store Downloads over 3G”

  1. VoIPOver3G !! This will override the 10MB limit! Actually this app does much more! It fools apps into thinking that you are on WiFi when you are actually on ANY cellular service! Fring on 3G, Edge, GPRS! Download all the apps you want while you’re on 3G, Edge, GPRS!

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