firefox roadmap update

Asa has posted a draft update for the Firefox release cycle leading up to 1.0.

Of note is that 1.0 Beta has been replaced by RC1, and between RC1 and 1.0, we’ll have an RC2 and RC3 as well.

Target dates have already been set for the RC1/RC2/RC3/1.0 releases, but they’re not yet public, so I won’t list them here before they’re announced (which should happen real soon now).

I’ll blog more on this later, once the details of the new roadmap become public.

For those of you who are curious, this was said on IRC in #firefox at 20:31 CDT July 2nd:

<benaway> we may or may not hit 9/14 but we need to target it because if we target a later date we’ll slip off that

Read into that what you will. 😉