explaining the blocking-aviary1.0RC1 flag

I haven’t seen this flag documented publically anywhere, so I’m going to document it here:

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry (based on Asa’s blog entry), Firefox 1.0 Beta will be replaced by Firefox 1.0 RC1, and there will be an RC2 and RC3 as well before Firefox 1.0 ships.

The blocking-aviary1.0RC1 flag is used to nominate bugs that block the RC1 release (of Firefox and/or Thunderbird). Bugs that meet any of these criteria are candidates for blocking-aviary1.0RC1:

– Bugs with complex fixes.
– Bugs with high risk fixes.
– Anything that has a localisation (l10n) impact.
These bugs are usually already marked as blocking-aviary1.0+.

The blocking-aviary* flags are available for bugs in the Browser, MailNews and Thunderbird products as well as Firefox, which is indicative of the fact that some backend bugs could potentially block the 1.0 releases of Aviary products. The flags are also shared between Firefox and Thunderbird, which means that bugs which are blocking-aviary1.0RC1+ or blocking-aviary1.0+ may block either Firefox or Thunderbird, but not necessarily both (though some may indeed block both).

As a friendly reminder, when setting blocking flags, please only set ‘?’ flags and not ‘+’ or ‘-‘ flags. This applies to almost everyone. If you have to ask if it applies to you then it does.