order a windows xp sp2 cd on microsoft’s dime

Do you know anyone who needs to grab Windows XP Service Pack 2 but doesn’t have the bandwidth? Microsoft has a solution: they’ll ship an SP2 installer CD for free to pretty much anywhere in the world. All you have to do is fill out this form, and a CD will be shipped out almost immediately. My brother received his less than a week after it was ordered.

There are a lot of nice enhancements in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in SP2. They feel a lot smoother. Browsing with Internet Explorer is no longer popup hell, and Outlook Express is no longer prone to loading remote content without thinking. Even so, Firefox and Thunderbird still blow them away.

4 thoughts on “order a windows xp sp2 cd on microsoft’s dime”

  1. Hi Ali Ebrahim,

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    BTW I see you on your artical order a windows xp sp2 cd on microsoft’s dime it has a Comments and Trackbacks. Why not have commens and trackbacks on every post topics so people like me can posted there views on the tipics on hand’s.

    Also great Mozilla weblog website.

  2. I agree that Firefox is the only browser worth using.

    However, for IE diehards who don’t have SP2 (maybe they’re not using Win XP) there is still a very easy way to banish popups: The Google Toolbar does it.

  3. Gratis Windows XP SP2 cd

    Jaja, als het gratis is…..
    Maar deze is wel erg handig. De SP2 van Windows XP wordt gratis opgestuurd op cd als je erom vraagt bij Mickey.

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