twelve gmail invites

I have twelve Gmail invites to give out. First twelve people to comment with their full name and unobfuscated email address get them. If I end up with more than twelve invites, then more than the first twelve will get them. Priority goes to people I know or recognise. Also, if you leave your email address in the email field, then only I will be able to see it. It won’t be publically displayed on the site unless you write it in the comment field. For those of you using free webmail accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo, remember that the invitation email may be classified as Junk or Bulk Mail, so remember to check those folders too!

UPDATE: Invites have been sent to the first twelve commenters. At this time I have no more invites.

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14 Responses to twelve gmail invites

  1. Norbert says:

    Am I the first?

    Would be nice to test gmail…

  2. Gavin Sharp says:

    Gavin Sharp


  3. Blake Kaplan says:

    I suppose I might as well jump on the bandwagon.

  4. Fredrik Wangel says:

    I would be delighted if I were to be invited.


  5. Michael Gaubert says:

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Shane Hobbs says:

    I would love to take part in the Gmail Beta. Thanks so much!

  7. Alvaro Munoz says:

    Thank you!
    Checked the blog some hours after reading the post about the chinese ad, and found this 🙂
    Funny that didn’t fully understood your comment at #bs

  8. Lukas says:

    Send me one, please. Thx.

    Lukas Slavik

  9. Panu Artimo says:

    Yes please



  10. Lombric says:

    Hi, it could be great having one of these invites, could you send me one please?

    Thanks a lot!

  11. mjumbe says:

    yes please if you can


  12. Allan says:

    If possible, invite me!
    Alex Mayall


  13. javier cruz says:

    i need one

  14. Hasan Akyol says:

    GMail? yum yum, invite me please

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