AIM 5.9.3690 sucks

Don’t be duped like I was into installing it. It’s gone through about as much QA testing as Netscape 6.0, if even that. Some of the gems:

a) The “Don’t show window on startup” preference doesn’t work.
b) Incoming message sounds don’t work for me 90% of the time.
c) When I do complex things like say, quit the program, it decides to crash instead.

Nice work guys! I just made the trip over to to grab the latest AIM 5.5 release.

4 thoughts on “AIM 5.9.3690 sucks”

  1. I stopped upgrading IM once they started bundling WildTangent and Viewpoint Media Player with it. That and all the added junk about multiple AIM names just got in the way.

    5.2 is still the best.

  2. The latest versions of AIM actually let you decide not to install WildTangent. I don’t believe that I have a Viewpoint Media Player installed as a result of AIM…

  3. You have to jump through a few hoops to get the “Don’t show window on startup” to take effect. I’ll post that next.

  4. How to make the window NOT show at startup:

    1. You already know step 1, but just to repeat: In Preferences, Sign On/Off: UNcheck “Show window at sign on”.

    2. Exit from and restart AIM. If the window comes up, close it. If it doesn’t, you can skip all the rest of the steps below.

    3. In the Buddy List window, make sure the “Button Drawer” is showing (at the bottom). Select “Add Tools” from the Button Drawer.

    4. You will get a pop-up window. CLOSE that window and you will get an Internet Explorer confirmation dialog box saying, “By closing this window, you are indicating you do not wish to select a tool. To choose a tool in the future, from the My AIM menu, click Select Useful Tools.” Click the OK button and you are done!

    5. Test that the window does NOT come up at signon by exiting from and restarting AIM.

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