spreadfirefox server issues

Since the release of Firefox 1.0 PR, the SpreadFirefox site has taken quite a beating. yusufg, someone who deals with these kind of issues on a daily basis for sites that would put MoFo‘s relatively tiny usage to shame, writes about some ways that load problems could be alleviated. In particular, he mentions that static content (including images and other stuff) should be shunted off to another server or vhost that would run a lightweight, non-preforking server (that could host static content for all of MoFo’s stuff). He also talks about cache-friendly headers that could be used to help lessen the load too. For email woes, he notes that postfix is far better than sendmail.

4 thoughts on “spreadfirefox server issues”

  1. Jan, the main issue here is not I think throwing more machines at the problem (though of course it would help), but actually making better use of the resources that MoFo already has.

  2. Yes, making better use of the existing resources is in the plan (I did mention “other optimizations” though probably not loud enugh, in my post to -marketing). yusufg has been in IRC helping us out with it, too, which has been a great help.

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