thoughts on undecided voters

This whole election deal in America has been going on forever. Everybody has heard so much about Kerry, Bush and others that surely at this point, nobody cares to hear any more. If only that were true. Apparently, some fickle minded people are still undecided.

What’s wrong with these people? Seriously, if you’ve not heard enough about the candidates in the last year to make a decision, what in the world makes you think that by November 2nd you’ll have figured it out? Or maybe they’re waiting for some divine revalation. I wish these people would decide already, and that tomorrow was November 2nd. Campaigning in the US starts way too early, and by August, everybody is already sick of it. I want it to be over. But noooo, all these weak-minded undecided voters have to spoil it for everybody because they’re being indecisive.

In short: people who are still undecided suck. They get all the attention. Why? Because they’re fickle losers.