donate to the firefox NYT ad campaign

Head over to and read about their latest campaign to print a community-funded advertisment in the New York Times for the release of Firefox 1.0. Those who donate will have their name printed in the advertisment as a donor. I think it’s an excellent idea, and encourage you to donate to them too. If you decide to sign up, please do so via my link, as I’ll get some points. Students can sign up for only $10, and others for a little more.

As an aside, I wasn’t logged in when I made my donation (at the time there was no notice that you would get sfx points for donating). If it’s not too much hassle, if anyone can help me to get the points credited to my account, that would be really great. If it helps any, my Donation ID is 109, and my sfx username is aebrahim.

UPDATE: The campaign has ended, and if you try to sign up, you’ll receive an error. So please don’t try anymore. 🙂 I’ve killed the donate link so that nobody tries to sign up and wonders why it’s not working.

2 thoughts on “donate to the firefox NYT ad campaign”

  1. We’re looking into a way of crediting points where possible for those who weren’t logged in. We probably won’t be able to catch them all, but I hope we can catch most of them at least.

  2. Daryl, first of all thanks.

    Second, do you know if your retroactive crediting will also credit the counter that counts up to 10 (at which point you become a community leader)? The 100 points is not as important as incrementing that counter.

    Though, I doubt that I have a shot at becoming a community leader unless I do some heavy evangelising (or spend a lot of money), that one extra credit that went missed could just make the difference.

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